Design and Opinions Maybe

Should designers listen to opinion? Yes. Maybe?

It is hard to tell the difference between fact and opinion. In many modern minds, their opinion is fact. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe we would all lose our minds if we couldn’t at least believe the things in our minds. Whether it is biological defense, or stubbornness, opinions aren’t going anywhere and are stuck managing them as though the opinion giver believes it as fact. (more…)

First Steal from Yourself

When building things, steal from yourself first. Use what has proven to work, for you, when possible.

Second, steal from the conceptual information in your head. Googling things to steal is slow. Having information in your head is fast. Make the connections, and continue to learn, and build new connections, every spare minute of your life.

Third, search out something. The recommendation is to ask another human, because they have tons of information rolling around in their head. Their information together with your information, is bold.

Last resort. Invent new material for your project, only when necessary. Inventing can take a long time, and usually results is a steal anyways. Originality is in practical terms, a myth.

A Story about Perspective from My Perspective

walking together

About ten years ago I was sitting on the roof of a Humvee in a combat zone with my Army unit. The sun was setting, and I believed I was very far from home. I pulled out my toothbrush, and my perspective changed. One funny thought popped into my head which has guided me since: Home is where your toothbrush is.


3 milliseconds

3 Milliseconds to have an idea
3 Seconds to say the idea out loud
3 Minutes to sketch out the first draft
3 Hours to iterate and expand
3 Days to develop the concept
3 Weeks to produce a solid prototype
3 Months to test and ship
3 Years for the product to live


The Importance of Disconnecting from the Internet.

My generation wasn’t born into the Internet the way today’s kids are. I can remember a time when a computer was less interesting than the fuzzy black and white TV in the corner. It was also less powerful and only slightly useful as a game machine. Sometime in the blurry days of dial up services, the blazing screech of modems became a dinner bell for people looking to satisfy their appetite for information, communication, and stimulation. Today, the screeching modem sound is gone, and with it the barrier between the Internet and our daily life. Not only is the Internet always communicating with our computers, but it follows us around in our pockets. We no longer ask the computer to connect. Our email, and message tones on our smart phones simply remind us that we are always connected. (more…)

Why websites scroll up and down and not left to right.

Have you ever wondered why websites scroll up and down and not left to right? It is rare to see something on a website that you must scroll right to see. There are many reasons why the internet has evolved the way it has. It seems that websites have scrolled up and down so long that we expect all sites to do this and get confused when they don’t. The following are a few principles to explain why websites are built ‘up and down’ and not ‘side to side’.


3 Problems with the Modern Office Experience

problems with the modern office experience

Today a large portion of the population spends their days in some form of office as their means to acquiring money and therefore food and shelter. The perception of convenience and comfort are the standard but at what cost are we living this lifestyle? Here are some problems with the modern office experience.


4 Differences Between German and American Design Methods

After living, studying and working for 4 years in Germany, I am still fascinated by the differences in design process between German and US Americans. The following is a brief overview of 4 topics that seem to be opposite approaches to solving the same design problems.

(more…) is a simple and straight forward WordPress child-theme for Lisa von Zobeltitz. As new projects are completed, they can be easily updated through the WordPress platform. (more…)

Ecotastic Logo


ecotastic is a Berlin based startup. Their app (currently in beta), rewards users for sustainable behavior. I had the pleasure to work with the founders to develop their current logo to fit an international market. Relaunch has been relaunched. The site has been redesigned from the top down. Updates include new visual identity and integration of HTML5 and CSS3. Changes are ongoing.

format fashion Responsive Website


Partnership with is designed to showcase the newest collections for the clothing store format fashion. The responsive design adjusts to all screens, including tablets and smartphones. (more…)

Freelancer Status in Germany

*Now available now for projects* I’m officially registered and working Freelance in Germany. Contact me here for user experience projects:

format fashion Launch

We are proud to announce the website launch of format fashion is an up and coming clothing shop in the Dresden/ Coswig / Meißen area.


This site is a Joomla! adaptation. Managing a business site is easy with Content management Systems like Joomla and WordPress. Customized templates help users edit content without any programming knowledge.


Invisible Museum Guide Platform

This project is an update to museum classic museum guidance systems. The platform uses wireless technology in museums to provide better navigation, information, and visitor experience. (more…)

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